• Class lists (see below by class and in sub folder)
  • Emergency procedures (in sub folder)
  • Calendars
  • Handbook
  • Lunch duty schedule
  • Individual student information when necessary
  • Schedule for rotating classes

Students can go to the bathroom or the office ONLY if they have a pass for you to sign. Study Hall students cannot leave the room unless they a pass signed by the teacher whose room they are going to or signed permission from the librarian. Another teacher cannot give them permission to go to the library. If they don’t have a pass to leave from another teacher then cannot leave. Since the water fountain is right outside the door, they can go get a drink with permission.

1st : Junior English
2nd: Senior English
3rd: Junior English
4th: Senior English
5th: Prep Period
6th: Junior English
7th: Senior English
8th: Study Hall

On the bulletin board to your left is a big poster of the schedule for the day. Hopefully my notes will help but if you want clarification of what class you are in look at the board.

If there is a fire drill, please turn off the lights, lock and close the door and have students head out the parking lot. The walkie talkie is on the back counter. Please give it to Lark Durnell to organize absences for the office.
Please put any papers handed in into the orange folder in the upper right hand corner of the desk. There are paper clips in the drawer to clip homework together by class.

Thank you so much for subbing for me!!!
Debbie Harrison