Communication Plan

PowerSchool – Parents have 24/7 access to student grades, comments and attendance from the school website or use the following link Grades are updated at least once a week, but very often they are updated midweek and over the weekend.

Class Syllabuses are provided the first day of school in paper form and are also posted on my website. An additional syllabus is available upon request.

Ms. Harrison’s Webpage – all assignments, due dates and contact information is listed on my school website at

My website can also be accessed through the website until Moorcroft Secondary. Anyone with internet access can use this site for information.

Students also use for classroom discussion and testing. This is used most often for college students but all students use it as needed.

Parent teacher conferences take place twice a year, in October and March. Students that attend with their parent receive extra credit. Parents that cannot attend conferences when scheduled may contact me any time to set up an appointment.

As the situation warrants I may contact parents via phone calls or emails. Most often I speak with the student prior to parent contact. Parents are welcome to contact me privately with questions or concerns. Education is a team effort and by working together we can help your child get the best education possible.

School phone number is 307-756-3446
Email is -- Often I am in class so email works best.